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Monthly Perspective


Geopolitics and globalisation

(September 2022)

This month's edition focusses on the impact of globalisation, and how it has shaped the precarious international relations environment.

Centralisation of power

(October 2022)

This edition analyses the centralisation of power and the role of corporations in the administration of society. change it?

Resignation or reinvigoration?

(November 2022) 

Who benefits from the endless cycle of crisis and catastrophe? What are the challenges posed by by political apathy and resignation? 

Decade of Disgrace

(May 2022)

This edition reviews the past decade, and the wasted opportunities by the government and opposition. 

The value of change

(June 2022)

The importance of values and accountability in government and political life.

The ugly history of privatisation 

(July 2022) 

This edition analyses the privatisation train wreck that has smashed through society.

The neoliberal monoculture

(August 2022)

How the neoliberal ideology has entrenched itself into power. 

Change can happen now

(January 2022)

This month's edition reviews 2021 and highlights the need for practical change 

Courage and Common sense

(February 2022)

This edition puts the 2022 election in focus, and the shift towards a national security campaign. 

Politics is not an option

(March 2022) 

Change begins with politics. It needs to be at the forefront of our minds. 

Fog of war

(April 2022)

This edition focuses on the profits of war, the federal budget and the need for voters to think critically


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