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About Us

Public Interests Before Corporate Interests

PIBCI is a new political initiative that aims to put public interests first. It is designed to promote a public perspective into the Australian political, social and cultural sphere.

PIBCI is a political/community based group that uses both electoral politics and workplace and community action to ensure all Australians, not just a small minority, enjoy the fruits of this rich land.

With your help we can ensure all Australians benefit from living in the lucky country.

PIBCI Public Meeting

Three Perspectives on Current Australia - PIBCI Public Meeting, Wheeler Centre 14th Sept 2015

Introduced by Richard Tate
Speakers: Ellen Jose (Mer Elder & renowned visual artist), Joan Coxsedge (long time activist, artist & writer), Dr Joseph Toscano (Convenor PIBCI), Rod Quantock (activist, satirist, speaker-entertainer) & musician Daniel Richardson playing the didgeridoo.
Audio Visual Crew: John Tweg, Peter Leiss & Jon Conte