PIBCI Congress Minutes - Saturday 18th August 2018 - Click to download a copy of the Congress Minutes.

PIBCI Notice Of Annual General Meeting - 5:00pm, Wednesday 7th November 2018. Click link for more details

PIBCI CONGRESS - Saturday 18th August 2018 – 10:30AM – 3:30PM - Coming to the Congress is an excellent way of meeting other PIBCI Members. An organisation’s strength is determined by the participation of its members.

Public Housing – Everybody’s Business

TEN DAYS IN NOVEMBER - The 2018 Victorian State Election that will be held on Saturday 24th November will be dominated by the Law and Order and Infrastructure debate. Unfortunately, public housing is not on the agenda of both the Victorian Labor Party Government and the Liberal/National Party Opposition.

The campaign is designed to make public housing a major election issue. Public Housing – Everybody’s Business will be holding a 10 day rally/vigil from 12:00pm Wednesday 14th November to 12:00am Saturday 24th November on the steps of the Victorian Parliament.

The slogan that will be used during the rally/vigil will be:

Use Victorian stamp duty revenue (6 billion dollars plus per year) for public housing – House one million Victorians in public housing by 2029.

Click link for more information.


Strategy For Change - 2018 Rally Dates - We promote the idea that PUBLIC HOUSING should be publicly owned and publicly managed.

Our strategy in Victoria is based on putting direct political pressure on the Labor government and the Liberal / National Opposition to radically change their housing policies in order to increase both the number and quality of public housing.

We will be holding monthly rallies on the steps of the Victorian Parliament until the Victorian state election – to be held on 24th November. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION in these rallies to ensure public housing becomes a pivotal issue in the next state election.

Click link for more information including all 2018 Rally Dates.


Toscano4Northcote - Northcote By-Election November 2017  - Click for more info

Toscano4Northcote CAMPAIGN - The Toscano4Northcote campaign is an exercise in getting political ideas across during one of the few times Australians consciously make decisions about what type of society they want to live in Click to download the political platform I am standing on.

URGENT HELP NEEDED for Northcote By-Election - I require your assistance in order to get ideas across during the campaign. Click for more information

URGENT APPEAL - Are you on the electoral roll and live in the Northcote District electorate? Alphington, Fairfield, Northcote, Thornbury and part of Preston - Click for more information

“For The Many Not The Few” - Ever wondered why, in a land of 26 million people living on a resource rich continent, we still have so many Australians having so much difficulty making ends meet? Then, come along to the PIBCI PICNIC on Sunday 29th October 11:00am – 3:30pm at Allambee South Community Centre – Click for further information

Time For A Change - How Are We Different? - PIBCI is based on local branches. Local branches are autonomous. If you are interested in learning more about PIBCI in a friendly environment - JOIN US for a Picnic / BBQ on Sunday 15th October 11:00am – 2:00pm at Hannah Watts Park, Melton - Click for further information

PIBCI Notice Of Annual General Meeting - 5:00pm, Wednesday 1st November 2017

“The Interests of the Many Before the Interests of the Few” - Newsletter – July 2017

The Six Billion Dollar Conundrum - The Victorian state government raised 6 billion dollars from stamp duty last year. This tax is paid when people purchase property in Victoria. Billions of dollars in land tax that companies and people owning more than one property pay every year was also collected by the state government. On all available indicators Victoria and Australia is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis. Paradoxically, the Victorian Labor government’s response to this crisis is to destroy what’s left of the public housing sector.

The Cat’s Out Of The Bag - Just in case you’ve been taken in by the propaganda being spewed out of the office of the Minister for Housing, Mr. Martin Foley, regarding how private public partnerships are the way forward for public housing, think again. If the Ashburton public private partnership debacle is anything to go by, continuing to promote these policies will be a disaster for all Victorians.

Confused? - If you are confused about the terminology that is used by the Victorian State government, the Opposition, government bureaucracy, the community and social housing sector, the corporate owned media and the ABC about public housing, then read on.



NEW CAMPAIGN - DEFEND AND EXTEND PUBLIC HOUSING - “Affordable housing – a right, not a privilege.” Click for more info

PIBCI Notice Of Annual General Meeting - 6:00pm – 8:00pm - Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Meet Independent Dunkley Candidate Dr. Joseph Toscano - Become involved in a community electoral campaign that will permanently change the direction Australia is heading. If you can help, please see me personally on a day and time outlined in the below leaflet.
Download Meet Independent Dunkley Candidate Dr. Joseph Toscano - colour pdf
Download Meet Independent Dunkley Candidate Dr. Joseph Toscano - black & white pdf

Why Stand in the Dunkley Electorate at the Forthcoming Election? - Whether the Federal election is held on the 2nd July or September, Public Interests Before Corporate Interests (PIBCI) will not be registered as a Federal political party until February/March 2017. Although we currently have around 700 members, we will not have all the relevant paperwork required to lodge our application for registration as a political party until September/October 2016. If our application is accepted, it takes about four months to be processed (once an election is called the Australian Electoral Commission stops processing applications until the new government is sworn in).

Faced with these facts and the recent voting changes to the Senate, I could either not participate in the Federal election or I could stand as an Independent on a Public Interests Before Corporate Interests platform in the Federal electorate PIBCI has most members in – Dunkley.

Make the 1% Pay 1% - You can vote for the same old parties making promises you know they will never keep or you can vote for Independent Candidate Dr. Joseph Toscano.
Download VOTE 1 for Dr. Joseph Toscano - colour pdf
Download VOTE 1 for Dr. Joseph Toscano - black & white pdf

How Can You Help The Toscano4dunkley Campaign? - If you are interested in the ideas in the Toscano4Dunkley campaign, no matter where you live, whether you’re on the electoral roll or not, you’re the type of person I need.

Pay Your Way Corporate Australia - Australia doesn’t have a spending problem, it has a revenue problem.

Update No. 11 - February/March 2016

Class in 21st Century Australia - Australian history can be divided into four distinct periods pre-colonisation, colonisation, egalitarian and a post-modern counter revolutionary period. Class has played a pivotal role in Australian society since the colonisation process began in 1788.


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2015 Annual General Meeting - 7:30pm - Wednesday 4th November 2015

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