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Monthly Perspective

We have options
(October 2020)

This month's edition focuses on the state's abandonment of its obligations to the public, and delivers some solutions.

The Economy, Education and Real Options 

(November 2020)

This edition critically assesses the Federal Budget, the assault on education and points to real alternatives.

Naming the nameless: Neoliberalism - the invisible ideology

(December 2020) 

This edition unpacks the neoliberal ideology, reviewing its origins, its cyclic disasters and beneficiaries.

Reclaiming the future
(June 2020)

This first edition conducts a stocktake of 40 years of neoliberalism.  It looks at the social impact of Covid-19 and outlines the benefits of a Universal Basic Income.

Smoke signals from abroad
(July 2020)

This month's edition analyses the links between racism, inequality and the economy.  Who benefits? What are some solutions?

Imagination, vision and disconnection
(August 2020) 

This edition highlights the lack of imagination and vision of our major political parties, at a time Australia needs practical ideas to navigate through the pandemic and beyond.

Public interests Vs corporations and the superrich
(September 2020)

This edition questions whether we can continue to afford the luxury of supporting the superrich. It is time for a change.

PIBCI Public Meeting

Three Perspectives on Current Australia - PIBCI Public Meeting, Wheeler Centre 14th Sept 2015

Introduced by Richard Tate
Speakers: Ellen Jose (Mer Elder & renowned visual artist), Joan Coxsedge (long time activist, artist & writer), Dr Joseph Toscano (Convenor PIBCI), Rod Quantock (activist, satirist, speaker-entertainer) & musician Daniel Richardson playing the didgeridoo.
Audio Visual Crew: John Tweg, Peter Leiss & Jon Conte